Customer support

MIGAJAS is dedicated to serve you. Your opinion matters. Text us at (385)977-9702 with any feedback, concerns, or questions.

Frequent Questions

Where is Migajas located?
We are currently a home bakery based in Orem, UT with the dream to open a location in Utah County soon.

What does Migajas mean?
Migajas is a Venezuelan word that means “crumbs.” Like the ones that come out of your bread!

Who is the founder of Migajas?
Migajas Bakery was founded by Franybek Rojas and Francy Rojas, two sisters from Venezuela. To Know more about them, check About Us section.

What discounts does Migajas offer?
Get $5 off on your next custom cake when a referred friend places an order.

What are your business hours?
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 5pm

Why is Migajas closed on Sunday?
Time off is a priority for us! It allows us to recharge and become successful and creative.

What is the regular price of a cake?
The price is based on size, custom decorations, and details you choose.

In addition to cakes, what other treats do you offer?
We offer a variety of sweet and salty treats for your parties. We also specialize in macarons, cookies, and freshly made desserts and pastries ideal for any occasion, even for afternoon tea with the family. For more details check our menu.

Do you offer gluten-free products?
Unfortunately we are not a gluten-free facility and are not able to accommodate gluten-free cakes or orders for now.

Do you decorate the cakes with fondant?
We use sweet meringue buttercream or white chocolate buttercream to cover the cakes and use fondant just for details.

Can you make an exact replica of a cake that I found on the internet?
We love when our customers are prepared with inspiration for their order, however, every artist has their own style and skill so we prefer to use it as an inspiration rather than an exact replica.

How can I place a custom cake order?
To place an order please email us at migajasut@gmail.com and follow the instructions from ORDER POLICY

How far in advance should I place an order?
Our calendar will always be open 4 months in advance. But to order a custom cake or treats from the Dessert Bar, please place your order 2 weeks prior to your event. To order a regular dessert, or pastry place your order 24 hours in advance.

May I order macarons any time?
Yes. Since Macarons are one of our most popular products, we always have them. Check our variety of flavors before placing your order.

Will I need to pay in advance to place an order with Migajas?
Yes, you will need to pay 50% to place the order and the other 50% a day before picking it up or getting it delivered.

Can I cancel or reschedule an order?
Due to the speed with which we work, to guarantee fresh produce and quality service, Custom Cakes or treats from our Dessert Bar can only be canceled, rescheduled, or changed up to a week in advance, prior to the scheduled date.

What types of payments do you receive?
We have VENMO @migajas ZELLE migajasut@gmail.com and SQUARE for debit and credit cards. Before making any payment, contact us to place your order or check Order and Shipping Policy